Where there's smoke, there's cider.

After a month and a half of heavy travel, we're finally settled back at home with our garden planted and the fire pit blazing. Last night we cooked our first dinner over wood burning coals and under the most gorgeous crescent moon. Burgers that were equal parts  ground pork, lamb and goat, asparagus, corn on the cob, homemade apple-scallion kimchi, and roasted potatoes-peppers.  

Cider/Food - Summer Grilling (http://ciderfood.com)
Cider Food - Backyard Grilling - Eva Deitch and Ryan Burk-3.jpg

We've started to use cider instead of wine for cooking and then drinking the rest with the meal. Cider can have a similar acidity to wine and the bottles we choose to incorporate give it a fruit forward earthy depth.